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Most common question can be answered on the SUPPLEMENT OVEVIEW PAGE!! If you still have questions give me a call I am happy to help you DURING business hours of 8am and 5pm MST Monday thru Friday.

 you can place your order at www.excelyourweightloss.com

No Refunds or exchanges without prior authorization. AND NO REFUNDS ON SALES!!

If you do return and do not have a authorization code you will not be refunded and the items will get returned back to you after you pay the additional shipping. I have had way to many people take advantage me.

SHIPPING: I try to ship same day for orders in by 3pm. But I will always ship within 1-2 business of ordered. If there is a reason I cannot ship in that time frame you will be notified. Thanks for you Business :)

If you are in GLENDIVE you do not need to order online you can pick it up from me directly as I always have it on hand. This saves me the paypal costs. Thanks 

Remember to always start out with one pill a day for the first 3-5 days to make sure you feel ok on them!!!!!!! Listen to your body If one pills is suppressing your appetite stick with one!

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